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Daily Watch List

For a trader, it is important to stay alert and keep a watch on the market data to spot opportunities. DeepInvest offers reliable and exhaustive market data with sentiment scores. You can track stocks, in highly customized watch list. You can also view the prediction result generated from our pre-trained deep network.

Sentiment Chart

To build solid trading strategy, a trader needs to understand where the price has come from and where it could be heading. DeepInvest charting tools helps you to carry out analysis for sentiment trends. Our deep network calculates the sentiment scores of each stock everyday. You can use this function to understand the trend.

Sentiment Map

Stocks, which are positive in sentiment scores, can offer a good trading opportunities. However, to grab such opportunities, a trader should know about buzzing stocks in time. Our sentiment map dashboard gives a bird eye view on the hot stocks in the market. By looking at heat map, you can easily spot trading ideas through graphical presentation.

News Analytics

A trader must have access to new information that can move the markets higher or lower. At the same time, getting such price sensitive information in time is also important to stay ahead of others. DeepInvest news analytics provide market moving news alerts by scanning millions of sources in real-time. 


Market data screens allow you to keep track of sector specific sentiment in real time. You can also monitor performance of your selected stocks. In addition, you can view sentiment scores and our deep network prediction analysis results.

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